The Creative Economy

The creative economy is where imagination meets change, innovation, and economic opportunity. Our definition of the creative economy is expansive, fluid, and ever-changing. The creative economy plays a key role in the success of California’s overall development, making up $507.4 billion of our state’s $3.4 trillion economy (Otis report, 2023). Strengthening our creative economy will only help to grow other sectors of our state’s financial system.

Los Angeles’s Creative Economy can be broken
down into seven categories:

A group of diverse people preparing a camera for a film shoot.
Photo courtesy of Manifest Works
Icon of old vintage camera.

Entertainment &
Digital Media

Digital media, graphic design, motion picture and video, print publishing, cable and broadcasting, advertising, postproduction, commercial photography, etc.

Icon of a paintbrush.

Fine & Performing Arts

Art galleries, live event production, fine art schools, theater companies, art dealers, dance companies, museums and historical sites, etc.

A person using black and yellow paints to paint shapes on several pieces of white paper.
A person using a geological compass to measure the space between two points on a map.
Icon of a building.

Architecture &
Related Services

Architectural services, interior design, landscape design, engineering services, industrial design, specialized design services, etc.

Icon of a handbag.


Apparel manufacturing, cosmetics manufacturing, jewelry wholesaling, leather goods, broad-woven fabric mills, cut and sew apparel manufacturing, footwear manufacturing, embroidery, etc.

A hand of BIPOC fashion designer holding an orange piece of fabric pinned to a wall with black and white images on the other side of the hand.
Two adolescents preparing prints in the artwork storage area.
Photo courtesy of Darline Morales
Icon of a toy drum.

Creative Goods & Products

Furniture, print production, toys and games, musical instruments, commercial screen printing, pottery, ceramics, glassware manufacturing, etc.

Icon of a pot with steam coming out of the top.


Culinary arts, food production, community health, food justice, nutrition, etc.

A Caucasian male chef in a white culinary uniform uses his hands to kneed dough.
A Caucasian businesswoman uses a marker to make notes on colorful sticky notes placed on a white wall.
Icon of a pencil.

Creative Businesses

Social impact efforts connected to art, design, culture, experiential learning, and visual & performing art platforms.