Snap Foundation

Our mission is to develop pathways to the creative economy for underrepresented youth in Los Angeles.
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A group of BIPOC adolescent girls sitting in a row while holding guitars.
Photo courtesy of Inner City Arts

Our Vision

Together, we aim to provide a future where young people thrive from opportunities to engage in artistic expression and experience economic inclusivity as working creatives.


Our Giving

We provide grants to nonprofit organizations and collaboratives that support youth and communities within the arts, culture, design, and innovation industries across Los Angeles.

A young Latinx man peering into a camera while other facilitators and students in the background.
Photo Courtesy of Inner City Arts
A group of young Latinx adolescents sitting around a table with clay balls in their hands while looking up at an instructor.
Photo Courtesy of Inner City Arts

The Creative Economy

The creative economy is where imagination meets change, innovation, and economic opportunity.


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A young woman presenting to a crowd in an outdoor green space.
Photo Courtesy of Write Girl

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