Snap Foundation

Our mission is to develop pathways to the creative economy for underrepresented youth in Los Angeles.

Each of the Snap Foundation's internal and external decisions are held up to our four primary values.


To build scalable, equitable, systems-level change, our efforts aim to be efficient, effective, and data-driven.


We boldly approach solutions to problems. For the sake of progress, we believe philanthropy should bear the risk of failure.


By listening to and sharing stories from others, we hope to help organizations and young people build — and tell — their own story.


The human imagination is boundless and hopeful. We believe creative solutions can remove obstacles and help youth reach their potential.

Our Funding

Snap Inc. and its two founders, Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy, have generously pledged lasting financial support to the Snap Foundation. While our work is only possible because of their generosity, the Snap Foundation is a separate legal entity that operates outside of Snap Inc.

Our Current Work

We are currently engaged in a phase of research and strategic planning. We do not take unsolicited requests or proposals. Please stay tuned for additional updates in the near future.