About SNAP Foundation

SNAP Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. All donations are fully tax-deductible.

To lear how to bring SNAP to your community, please write to:

220 Orchard Creek Lane, Suite 1024
Rochester, NY 14612

Quick Facts

  • SNAP educational programs directly impact more than 80,000 kids each year.
  • SNAP programs and exhibitions touch more than five hundred thousand people annually.
  • SNAP is diverse, with an approximate student population in the U.S. that is: 25% Hispanic; 40% African American; 20% Caucasian; 13% Asian-American; and 2% Native America. Five percent of SNAP students are children with special needs.
  • SNAP is both national and international, serving more than 450 schools in the United States, and working with community organizations in countless countries worldwide.

Who We Are

SNAP Students was piloted in 2001, at the Better Boys Foundation in Chicago, Ill. and the Thomas Jefferson Middle School in Rochester, New York.

SNAP depends on a method of grass roots growth (teacher telling teacher) SNAP expanded around the world as well as the number of it's teaching programs.

SNAP is extremely grateful for the generous donations contributed by people, schools and communities to reinforce for the students that their stories are heard, and that their daily life choices matter. Businesses, organizations, and individuals have contributed greatly. Below is a list displaying, and recognizing, those who have so generously given of themselves for SNAP projects and this vision of a positive future.


  • Eastman Kodak Corporation
  • BASF Corporation
  • Massachusetts Department of Mental Health Services
  • SUNY Empire State Collage
  • The Smithers Foundation


  • Doug Reid Gren
  • Maureen Paukert
  • Sargent and Eunice Shriver (Beloved friends forever)
  • Rev. Roosevelt Dixon
  • Frank Warren
  • Timothy Shriver, Special Olympics
  • Anthony Shriver, Best Buddies
  • Dr. Stanley Brown
  • Brian Buckley
  • Kathleen Gartz
  • Marc Cirigliano, Ph.D
  • Adele Smithers-Fornaci
  • Thomas and Jo-Ann Croci
  • Mark Schneider

“It is our ultimate goal to share our passion for education and the arts to empower a stronger generation of learners who will grow and develop in the academic setting and go forward to foster positive social actions”.